RUUUUUUN! Do not walk to Target for $.10 vegetable spread!

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Oct 21st

WOAH NELLY! Look what Kim found at Target! She found Brummel and Browns yogurt vegetable spread for $.10 regular $2.69! She said it was not marked at her store but when she scanned it scanned for $.10!

Mine was marked at my store and when I checked out the cashier almost didn’t want to give me my recipet because she couldn’t believe it!

Before you rush out to the store, you can go here to see if your store carries it and if it’s in stock. Click “find it in your store” and put in your zip.

This is such a drastic price reduction that it might be a mistake but it is ringing up for $.10 so I would go and get it sooner than later! And no coupons needed!


4 Comment on “RUUUUUUN! Do not walk to Target for $.10 vegetable spread!

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