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Sep 25th

I have been wanting to make this post for a while and kept forgetting.

I do lot’s of giveaways on my site, some personal, some where I team up with other bloggers, some where I just do a quick giveaway on facebook for the sole reason I want to pay back all of my readers for coming back everyday!

I get a lot of questions so I wanted to address them in this post.

#1. Why do I have to “like” so many other bloggers page in a rafflecopter giveaway?

Answer: The reason I team up with other bloggers is to be able to give away lots of prizes. The biggest prize so far is that I helped give away a Disney Cruise with a huge team of other bloggers. If I just did giveaways myself…coupons would be all y’all would get because doing giveaways alone is finacially limiting, but when we all team up as bloggers, we can give away lots of amazing prizes.

#2: How long does it take to pick a winner in a rafflecopter?

I would love to announce winner of each giveaway immediately but if I am not personally hosting the giveaway, I have to wait for the host blog to notify me. In either case, we also have to verify the winner actually performed the task he or she won for. Lot’s of times we team up with companies who provide the prizes for our giveaways. If for example, Suzy won for liking “The Cajun Couponer” facebook page, we have to verify she actually liked that page.

When someone doesn’t perform the tasks it actually hurts the bloggers and sponsors and sponsors will not want to work with us anymore if our followers are not doing these tasks. If we find out the winner did not perform the task they won for, a new winner will be drawn. We do this to be fair to us as well as everyone else who enters.

#3.  Check your emails!

Email is normally the way we contact the winners of our giveaways. You normally have 24 hours to respond. Due to the nature of our giveaways and possible expirations dates (like coupons for example) we need a response within that time period or another winner will be picked.

#4. I do pop up flash giveaways all the time on facebook. They are never announced just spur of the moment. You do not have to like any pages, just enter your info for these. I am going to make 1 change to this giveaway where I will include where you can put your address and if you happen to win (because I have had lots of people get my email after the 24 hours has passed.) This will be optional but if you win, you will not have to repsond to my email, I will automatically mail your prize out. (On rafflecopter giveaways, they do not give us this option to take addresses so you will be notified by email).

#5. I just want these giveaways to be fun! I love blogging on my site because I get to interact with so many wonderful people I would have otherwise never gotten to meet. I am human and can make mistakes but truly appreciate you coming back to visit my blog and enter my giveaways. I am contanstly looking for new pays to pay you back and new ways to improve the way we do giveaways. And remember you cannot win if you don’t enter! I have actually had a few people win more than once so you can enter all my live giveaways here.

And I update my giveaway winners page as soon as a winner is confirmed so you can always check it here.

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