New use for your Free Ivory Soap

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Jul 15th

How cute is this idea??? If you were able to score some of the free or cheap Ivory soap from here or here. Bar soap seems to last us a while so here is a fun craft to do with your kids.

This is what you will need:

A bar of microwaved Ivory Soap crumbled

Boiling water

Blender (I tried a hand mixer, but it just made bubbles and foam.  Not what we are going for.)

Food coloring

Plastic ziploc bags

Place 1 cup of crumbled soap into the blender and add a small amount of boiling water.  If you add to much water at one time it will bubble, you are going for a creamy texture.  Pulse slowly, add more water as needed.  Repeat until all the soap bar crumbles are a yogurt like texture.

Pour into 6 separate containers.  The kids were in charge of adding the food coloring and mixing.  You will notice that a couple of colors are brighter than others.  I added a bit more hot water at this point to get a thinner texture that we could pipe like icing.

Spoon into 6 ziploc bags and cut a small hole in the tip of one corner.  This will act like a piping bag, great practice for finger mobility for kiddos.  You could also leave the paint in the containers and paint with paint brushes or fingers.

  After your little one is all done, simply drain the tub, turn on the shower and give your little ones small buckets and wash cloths to clean up the mess.  When the kids were all done cleaning, you would not have know that there was a colorful master piece hidden behind the shower curtain only a few minutes before.  Love it!

Thanks housing a forest!

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